Friends and Athletes

We are proud to have global support

The number of Brazilian jiu-jitsu academies around the world that are opening their doors to REORG is growing and more are becoming part of the REORG family. What started as a small presence in the UK has rapidly grown and spread as far afield as New Zealand and the USA. The key to success is our incredible supporters who understand what we are trying to do and who make REORG possible. We work with some of the biggest names in jiu-jitsu, and we are lucky enough to count on the support of Roger Gracie, widely considered the greatest BJJ competitor of all time. Also Master Jean Jacques Machado, who has among his illustrious list of students the jiu- jitsu pioneer Eddie Bravo and the karate legend Chuck Norris. We also work with the We Defy Foundation, which has been helping injured veterans train in jiu-jitsu in the USA for the past five years. While we are of course very happy to work with big names, REORG isn’t about star power. It is about what jiu-jitsu can do for the individual, for your physical and mental health and for your sense of community. So if you or your academy would like to become affiliated with REORG and join our family please message directly and we look forward to hearing from you.

Jean Jacques Machado

Jean Jacques Machado is a 7th degree coral belt and a nephew of BJJ Grandmaster Carlos Gracie.

We had the honour and privilege of presenting REORG to Jean Jacques after which he very kindly offered his support to help with the REORG Mission.

"My academy doors are always open for REORG"

Roger Gracie

Roger Gracie is a 10 x World Champion and is regarded as the greatest BJJ competitor of all time.

Roger is a long time friend of REORG first meeting Sam back when he was a Blue Belt. He has been instrumental in helping REORG grow and gain incredible global support.

We are honoured and privileged to have him as our good friend and supporter of the REORG mission.

Dan Hardy

Dan Hardy is legendary former UFC fighter, life-long martial artist and UFC commentator and analyst.

Dan has had a huge impact on assisting with the rise of REORG especially in the MMA community. He has driven REORG with Cage Warriors and planted the seed within the UFC which is something we hope will grow in the future.

Martin Stapleton

Martin Stapleton is veteran Royal Marines Commando and an MMA world champion.

Stapes served together with Sam in the Royal Marines. Both Physical Training Instructors and Close Combat Instructors its very special for them both to continue the REORG journey together. We are very proud to have him as our Friend and Athlete.

Jack Marshman

Jack Marshman is a Parachute Regiment veteran, MMA champion and current UFC Fighter.

Its an honour and privilege to have Jack on the REORG team, he is a testament to the British Army and the Parachute Regiment. We know first hand how he has inspired many not only in the military but the wider blue light community to follow their passion within martial arts.

Braulio Estima

Braulio Estima is a BJJ black belt and multiple world champion who sustained a broken neck, he was told he would never grapple again. He overcame adversity and battled his way back to become a World Champion again.

A long time friend and supporter of REORG Sam first met Braulio as a Blue Belt when he visited the Commando Training Centre to support a charity event.

Michelle Nicolini

Michelle Nicolini is an MMA fighter and BJJ black belt with an outstanding grappling record.

Michelle is a huge inspiration to all those who step on the Tatami with some of the greatest achievements and accomplishments in Jiu Jitsu.

Its an honour to have her as one of the REORG friends and athletes supporting our mission.

Kenny Florian

Kenny Florian is UFC legend and BJJ black belt who is now a UFC commentator and analyst.

Sam first met Kenny back when he was a blue belt at Metamoris in LA. Mark later met Kenny at a seminar in Plymouth and he has shown great support towards the REORG mission.



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